Follow these rules so that your new claws stay flawless like you.


Please note: doing or not doing just one of the things below will mean that your nails are unlikely to last the 14+ days. Please do follow our advice and believe us when we say these things will make a huge difference. We have tried and tested everything we tell you on our own nails and continue to do so, so that we can give you the best advice possible.


Wear rubber gloves when washing up or cleaning. Nails are porous, so submerging them into water will cause them to swell out when in contact & shrink back down when dried out. This movement of the nail plate will, of course, cause separation between itself & the coating, appearing as if the coating is ‘peeling’ or ‘falling’ off of the natural nail.


Avoid using products that contain lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum jelly & essential oils (found in creams such as Sudocrem, E45, Vaseline, suncreams, hand creams & skincare to name a few!). These react with the nail coatings, causing them to lift from the nail plate or in some cases, eat away the product. Keep your creams away from your nails, use cotton pads or gloves if possible, the palms of your hands rather than fingertips & wash hands thoroughly after use!


Solar Oil daily, at least once. There is no such thing as over-using Solar Oil!


Be careful when going swimming, relaxing in a hot tub or taking baths. Soaking in water, especially water containing chemicals, will separate the nail plate & coating as we read before!


Watch out for staining! Fake tans, makeup, purple hair shampoo, spices i.e. tumeric, can affect nails due to them being porous, so watch out for these & keep them away from your beaut new colour!


Do not pick at things with your nails! Picking at labels, selloptape, compacts will loosen or even break the seal between your natural nail & product, causing the product to begin lifting from the edge or even chipping!


Keep up to your maintenance! Maintain your nails every 2-3 weeks. Any longer can be detrimental to your natural nail health, as after this period, the product will begin to breakdown & the shift in weight due to growth will put pressure on the new nail growing through.


Ensure nail coatings are removed correctly. Incorrect removal of nail products can cause irreversible damage to the natural nail & so may cause problems for future nail appointments, as the product cannot hold onto the nail plate correctly, meaning premature breakdown of your fresh set.

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