Our first bundle deal! The daily kit for bare natural nails to keep claws strong, healthy, hydrated & cuticles tidy.



CND Cuticle Eraser > a creamy blend of Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids that micro-exfoliates dead skin cells - think of it as shampoo for your nails!

CND Solar Oil > award winning cuticle oil infused with almond & jojoba oil & Vitamin E. The saviour for your nails that keeps them strong, healthy & hydrated.

CND RescueRxx > a highly effective keratin treatment that repairs & restores damaged nails. For use on bare nails only.

Mini kit includes: Cuticle Eraser 15ml, Solar Oil 3.7ml, RescueRxx 3.7ml

Large kit includes: Cuticle Eraser 15ml, Solar Oil 15ml, RescueRxx 15ml


Directions: Use at least twice daily in the following order

1. Cuticle Eraser

2. Solar Oil

3. RescueRxx

The Power of Three Kit