Our Manicures include file/shaping of the nail, full cuticle work & coating of your choice, finished with hand & nail hydration.  

Bare no polish CND Vinylux regular polish                                         CND Shellac gel polish                                                                  Rockstar glam your Shellac with a glitter, foil or pigment                      

Basic | Accent Nail Art

Full Nail Art

£  23.00

£  30.50

£  33.50

from £  35.50

          from £  38.50


Please email to book nail art services & include a description and/or example/inspiration images of what you would like.


Our Pedicures include soaking of the feet in a mineral salt bath, file/shaping of the nails, full cuticle work, smoothing of hard skin & coating of your choice, finished off with hydration of the nails & feet.

£   32.00

£   39.50

£   42.50

Bare no polish | CND Vinylux regular polish                                   
CND Shellac
gel polish                                                      
Glam your Shellac with a glitter, foil or pigment                                                                       

Enhancements | Acrylic & Gel

Our Enhancement treatments include a full Manicure as detailed above, with Acrylic (CND Liquid + Powder) or Gel (Light Elegance JimmyGel) application and a Vinylux colour, or you can upgrade your coating - most clients do!

£  47.00

£  43.00

£  40.50

£  36.50

£  30.50



£     9.00

£     11.50

£    13.00

Acrylic Extensions Acrylic applied over tips to extend, length added

JimmyGel Extensions Gel applied over tips to extend, length added

Acrylic Overlay Acrylic applied directly to the natural nail, no added length

JimmyGel Overlay Gel applied directly to the natural nail, no added length

Rebalance (Acrylic | Gel) Maintenance of your Acrylic, every 2-3 weeks. includes 1st repair, additionals are priced at £3 each.


Add Shellac 

Add Rockstar

Add Chrome | Holographic

If you wish to add nail art to your Acrylic  please email to book & include a description and/or example images of what you would like.


Full removal of the coating, smoothing over with a file & nail hydration.

£   12.00

£   14.00

Shellac removal 

Removal of our own Shellac when performing a fresh Shellac Mani is complimentary, however removal of gel polish from other salons is an extra £5 charge to your appointment.

Unfortunately we do not do sole removal of gel polishes from other salons.

Acrylic removal Please note, we do not remove Acrylic applied by other salons.


Accidents can happen! Please see our full repair policy.

flat fee £   5.00

First nail £5.00, subsequent nails at £3.00 each

Shellac repair

Acrylic repair